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Facts Don't Lie

Studies show that direct mail out-performs digital channels by 600%, but what happens when you put them together? First, if you believe that direct mail is dead, you are dead wrong! Don’t have your head in the “cloud,” as they say, but know that a huge part of our country responds very well to direct mail.

Direct mail has the second highest return response rate next to the telephone but trumps all forms of digital marketing by a whopping 600%! Full Throttle has developed a unique strategy to blend the power of direct mail and the power of social media into what we like to call “TurboCharged.” We take the graphics we have created and offers you are sending to your prospects’ mailbox and also hit them in their Facebook and Social Media feeds. The power of them seeing your ad in both venues turbo-chargers your impressions and dramatically increases the response rates! Most small and mid-size businesses must use a form of “direct response” advertising rather than “branding.” This program does a great job at both!

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I tried direct mail, and it didn’t work:
Not all direct mail is the same:
If I commit to direct mail, how long should I plan on sending out postcards?
Why should I record my calls? I trust my team.

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For those businesses that need help with development and training on phone skills. We will take the time to develop a strategy and train your staff for maximum results. The Transformers Team will follow-up with listening to your calls, track progress, and see how well your staff is integrating what they’ve learned. You may see a 20%-30% increase in client volume by simply making an investment in phone training! You can find more about us at: